Sibers are an NFT collection used to make predictions in PlayHellebore. But they’re more than that!  Siber NFTs offer immediate value and in-game utility while held. Sibers will unlock rewards in our Moons of Mars minting and e-commerce platform.


  • Mint a Siber from any of the available sport collections

  • Visit and connect your wallet

  • Discover your reward and go through the claim/redemption process

  • Shop the Moons of Mars store to find merch & products

  • Newly minted Siber can be used in gameplay on PlayHellebore

Check back for access to new drops, new player collections
and even more digital & physical reward options.


Uniform Collection

Hellebore Baseball
Total Supply: 6,000

Hellebore Football
Total Supply: 6,000

Hellebore Soccer
Total Supply: 6,000

Playground Collection

Playground Baseball
Total Supply: 4,000

Playground Football
Total Supply: 4,000

Playground Soccer
Total Supply: 4,000

Dreamers Collection

Dreamers Baseball
Total Supply: 2,000

Dreamers Football
Total Supply: 2,000

Dreamers Soccer
Total Supply: 2,000

Bad News Collection

Bad News Baseball
Total Supply: 3,000

Bad News Football
Total Supply: 3,000

Bad News Soccer
Total Supply: 3,000